We are committed to serve our animal patients and their families with sincerity and compassion, to meet the highest standards of excellence in practicing veterinary medicine and surgery, and to further the human-animal bond.


All good care begins with a thorough physical exam.  Because animals age a lot faster than we humans do, examination of your pet at least once a year is very important. From nose to tail, we will examine your pet, discuss our findings, and make recommendations for improved health.  These might include such things as vaccinations, laboratory tests, xrays, dental cleaning, and parasite prevention.


Blood chemistry, hematology, urine and fecal analysis, cytology, and many other tests are performed routinely on-site at our hospital.  Other more specialized tests that need to be sent to reference labs are dispatched daily, generally with rapid results.


Medical imaging is very valuable in the evaluation of a patient.  Xrays enable us to scan the bones and organs.  Ultrasound allows us to discern in more detail the inner structure of organs. We use both x-rays and ultrasound to identify problems and develop personalized treatment plans for each of our patients.


Unfortunately, our patients sometimes are ill enough that they require hospitalization.  We have a variety of large and small enclosures to house our patients comfortably and safely.  We provide intravenous fluids and medications, oxygen, blood and plasma transfusions, monitoring, and excellent nursing care as required. We have a separate isolation ward with its own designated outdoor yard to allow us to care for infectious patients away from the regular hospital population.


The health of your pet's teeth is very important! Infection in the mouth travels by way of the bloodstream and contributes significantly to disease in the organs throughout the body. We offer full dental care for your pets with ultrasonic cleaning and polishing, charting, evaluation with dental x-rays, and extractions when necessary.


Our doctors offer many years of experience and skill in the performance of a wide range of soft tissue procedures.  From elective surgeries such as spays and castrations, to more involved specialized procedures involving all the other organs of the body, we do it all!  Our modern, positive air pressure surgical suite with a separate pre-surgical scrub area, optimizes sterility.  Our anesthesia and monitoring equipment and excellent, experienced and well-qualified nursing staff ensures maximum safety for your beloved family member both during and after surgery.  You are in good hands at the Presque Isle Animal Hospital!


Experience and skill is again the hallmark of our orthopedic team.  Various techniques are employed to repair fractured bones and torn ligaments of all descriptions.  Returning injured pets to comfort and good function as quickly as possible is our goal.