Never let your tools limit your quality.

Reception Area

We have a large and attractive reception area. Here you and your pet can wait comfortably for your appointment.

Exam Rooms

Our reception area opens up into our three very comfortable exam rooms.

Consultation Room

Our consultation room has been specially designed with you in mind. This warm space allows your family to visit with your hospitalized patient, and has its own private exit from the hospital. 

Central Work Area

Our central work area is spacious, allowing our staff to care for your pets comfortably and efficiently.


Our well-stocked pharmacy supplies all the medical needs of our patients.


A spacious state-of-the-art clinical laboratory is home to modern hematology, chemistry, and urinalysis analyzers. Full parasitology and cytology services are routinely performed as well.

Imaging Center

A fully equipped imaging center provides complete radiology and ultrasound services for your pets.


A modern, positive air pressure surgical suite with a separate pre-surgical scrub area optimizes sterility for your pet during soft tissue and orthopedic surgical procedures.

Dental Station

A high-speed ultrasonic dental station and dental radiology unit enable us to provide high quality dental care for your pets.

Isolation Ward

A separate ward with negative air pressure and its own designated outdoor yard allow us to care for patients with infectious diseases away from the regular hospital population.


Our hospital has the capacity to house approximately forty patients in a comfortable, clean setting. Under the floor radiant heat and soft, paw-friendly rubber flooring are enjoyed by our patients throughout the hospital.